Chlorine Test Strips, 0-1,000ppm

CHL1000; CHL1000/V
High Level Chlorine test strips test levels of free chlorine in a solution from 0-1,000ppm.

Chlorine Test Strips, 0-1,000ppm

The High Level Chlorine test strips test levels of free chlorine in a solution, in steps of 0-50-100-250-500-1,000ppm, giving results in just seconds.

The High Level Chlorine strip can be used in facilities where food preparation areas, equipment, and general disinfection are more strictly controlled, for example, cruise ships, children’s daycare and seniors’ homes. In seconds, the results of the strip will tell you if your chlorine solution is at a higher strength. The higher range provides a much higher degree of certainty that all organisms are either killed or rendered ineffective.

These strips are very easy to use: simply dip a strip into the bleach solution, ensuring that the pad is fully immersed for a few seconds. Withdraw the strip and immediately compare to the color chart included for a more accurate reading.

Please see Purchasing Details for item numbers and order quantities. All test strips are made at our facility in Arizona, and each batch is Quality Assured.

Item #: CHL1000; CHL1000/V
Product Name: High Level Chlorine, 0-1,000ppm
Number of Strips: 50 strips / bag or vial
Product Quantity: Single bag (CHL1000) or Single vial (CHL1000/V)
Bag / Vial Size: Bag: 3″ x 5″ Amber Bag; Vial: 1-3/8″ diameter x 3-3/8″ tall
Shelf-Life: 2 Years

Sanitizing/Disinfecting with Bleach

When using bleach as a sanitizer, it must be diluted before use, and it will work best in the pH range of 5-7. Bleach loses strength over time, and this can happen in as quickly as one month’s time from opening the bottle. Keep this in mind when using as a sanitizer, as you may need to boost the amount used.

Selecting Sanitizer Test Strips

Precision Laboratories produces a number of sanitizing agent test strips for a variety of commonly used disinfectants. Many of the proprietary compounds of disinfectants are concentrated solutions requiring some dilution prior to use. Careful consideration must be given to following the recommended mixing proportions shown on the label of the disinfectant container. It is also prudent to examine the label for the type of disinfectant provided, or any compounding of this disinfectant.

The test strips produced by Precision Laboratories will measure within specific ranges, which will include the concentration which is most commonly determined to be microbicidal by Public Health Authorities. This usually corresponds to the types of microorganisms for which the disinfectant is applied.

There are many oxidizing agents which exhibit microbicidal activity. Consideration should always be given to the appropriate type and level of disinfectant. Each test includes a label with specific instructions for use and a color chart. The instructions will provide information concerning the time required for the development of the reaction and any special information pertinent to the category of sanitizer under consideration.

Free Chlorine vs. Total Chlorine

Free Chlorine is what is available to react with the test strip. Total Chlorine is free chlorine, plus that bound chlorine (usually as Sodium Hypochlorite). Equilibrium exists between the free (available) chlorine and the bound chlorine until bound chlorine is exhausted, at which time a fresh solution is necessary. The active form of chlorine which acts as a microbicide is Hypochlorous acid (HOCl).

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