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Precision Laboratories has been manufacturing and distributing test solutions in the United States since 1932, and as a leading manufacturer of test strips, we offer an extensive range of testing solutions including Sanitizing Test Strips, Water Quality Test Strips, pH Test Strips, Taste Test Papers, and more. Our products are distributed worldwide through many of the major international laboratory supply houses. With an emphasis on exceptional customer service, we continue to strive in assisting our customers with whatever their test strip requirements may be.

Precision’s research development laboratory is at the leading edge of diagnostic and industrial test strip development. We continually form new partnerships to develop unique products for an ever-changing market, and we offer custom packaging and private label solutions to our distributors.

Our mission is to provide our customers with testing products and knowledge to fulfill their needs quickly and reliably. We will help inspire innovation, educate, and problem-solve for our customers. Our products will provide you with a quick and easy method of accurate measurements for a host of industrial and normal laboratory requirements. We are confident of your satisfaction when using our strips.

To become a distributor, please fill out and email the form below or contact us directly at 1.800.733.0266 (US) or 01604 497516 (UK).

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Existing Distributors

Precision Laboratories distributors can now pay invoices online through our secure website using a credit card or virtual check. We certify that the online payment is secure through a virtual terminal with SSL encryption.

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