Today, we’re going to talk about another unique use of our test papers to show that the possibilities and uses of this age-old technology continue to amaze us. For years, we have been making and selling our blue litmus and bromophenol blue test papers. After some time, we realized one of the unique uses that we are focusing on today.

ECD, or Electronic Controls Design, is a worldwide leader in thermal monitoring and analysis technology. They design, develop and manufacture thermal profiling systems and software to monitor and analyze process temperatures in various industries, including electronics, solar and baking, among others.

ECD manufactures the Fluxometer®, which is a system of evaluating and managing the consistency of flux application in the wave soldering process. It works with ECD’s WaveRIDER® pallets, and it moves with the finger conveyor through the fluxing stage to evaluate fluxer performance.

Using IPA, low pH and neutral pH test papers, operators can use this machine to perform diagnostic checks in minutes. It’s really quite fascinating.

Essentially, the Fluxometer® contains a test mesh screen which fits in a covered frame. The pH paper is inserted into the frame on top of the mesh screen. The type of paper used will depend on whether the flux is water-based, or alcohol based. When the paper is sprayed through the screen, it will show whether or not the penetration patterns are uniform and acceptable or spotty and poor coverage.

We’re simplifying it too much. It is really a unique piece of technology that has been well thought out and carefully developed. We’re just amazed at what our test papers can be used for and the technology they can be a part of.

Never hesitate to ask us about a unique application of our test paper. Just because it’s not the standard, doesn’t mean it won’t work.