We Have a Little Dreidel Test Strip

We have a little test strip
It started as a sheet
And when solution’s ready
Oh, paper, we shall treat

Oh, paper, paper, paper
We hang you up to dry
And when you’re dry and ready
We’ll cut you down to size

Oh, treated, treated, paper
We place you on some tape
And when you are all ready
Oh, spaghetti, we shall make

Oh, s’ghetti, s’ghetti, s’ghetti
On plastic you shall stick
And when you are all ready
We’ll slit you into strips

Oh, test strip, test strip, test strip
Soon you’ll take a dip
So now that you are ready
To a customer you’ll ship!

Happy holidays from all of us here at Precision Laboratories! Thank you for your continued loyalty and support. It has been a wonderful year, and we are looking forward to some exciting improvements in 2019!