Ammonia Leak Detection Cloth

Ammonia Leak Detection Cloth

  • Amber UV resealable ziplock bag
  • Customizable label
  • Can be cut up into smaller pieces
  • Two sizes available
  • Reversible

Product Description

Ammonia Leak Detection Cloth

The Ammonia Leak Detection Cloth is used for the detection of leaks in sealed incubators, such as those used for infectious disease studies and in the treatment of premature birth. Industrial uses for detection of ammonia gas include sealed containers and filtration systems.  The cloth is sensitive to vapors from a 1% solution of Ammonia.

The Ammonia Leak Detection Cloth is reversible. As long as the cloth reverts back to the original goldenrod yellow color, it will continue to change when exposed to ammonia vapors. However, we aren’t certain of how many times it can be reused (it is somewhat dependent on the use). Eventually, it will not revert back to its original color and can no longer be reused. It works best if exposed to vapors. If the cloth gets wet, it will not be reusable.


  1. Place the Ammonia Leak Detection Cloth near a suspected leak.
  2. The cloth will turn blue immediately upon detection.

BTB/S; BTB/L; 505; 505-1-2020; 505-1-4040

Additional Information

Bag Dimensions:

12" (W) x 12" (H) [305mm (W) x 305mm (H)] (Amber)


2 Years

Item # (1):

505-1-2020 (1 cloth, 20" x 20" [51cm x 51cm])

Item # (2):

505-1-4040 (1 cloth, 40" x 40" [102cm x 102cm])