Cobalt Chloride Cloth

Cobalt Chloride Cloth

  • Amber UV protective bag
  • Also available in paper sheets or strips
  • Large size to identify patterns
  • 20″ x 20″
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Product Description

Cobalt Chloride Cloth

Our Cobalt Chloride cloth detects the presence of moisture to determine if you have wetness or dampness problems. The Cobalt Chloride Cloth can be cut into smaller pieces or draped over equipment. It is a fast and easy way to identify leaks in larger spaces, such as roofs, between walls, inside car doors or under ceramic tiles. The larger cloth allows for identification of spray or leak patterns when left in enclosed spaces. The Cobalt chloride cloth is responsive to 50% relative humidity and above, and any direct measure of an aqueous solution.


  1. Place the cloth near recesses or areas where there may be cracks/leaks.
  2. If moisture is present, the cloth will turn from blue to a light pink/white color.

NOTE: Be sure to keep the cloth sealed tightly in the amber bag, as exposure to 55 percent relative humidity or greater is sufficient enough to cause a slow color change. In addition, if the cloth is heated or the surrounding air dries, the cloth will change back to its original blue color.
BD150; BG150; 150/500; 150; 150-12V-100; 150-144V-100; 150-500V-100; 250; 250-24-810; 250-500-810; 550; 550-1-2020

Additional Information

Bag Dimensions:

12" (W) x 12" (H) [305mm (W) x 305mm (H)] (Amber)


2 Years

Item #:

550-1-2020 (1 cloth, 20" x 20" [51cm x 51cm])