Humidity Test Strip

Humidity Test Strip

  • Desiccant vial with flip-top lid
  • Customizable label
  • Reversible test strips
  • 50 test strips

Product Description

Humidity Test Strip

The Humidity test strip contains 4 test pads with a blue indicator, which is discolored to a pinkish color according to relative moisture in the air. The process is reversible (i.e. the pads revert back to their original blue color). The test strip responds to the relative atmospheric humidity in the range of 20% – 80%, in the steps of 20 – 40 – 60 – 80%.


  1. Hold one test strip in the air or next to potential leaks.
  2. The blue indicator is discolored to pink according to relative moisture in the air.
  3. It may take up to 15 minutes for the test pads to equilibrate or react completely.
  4. The process is reversible.



Moisture Indicator Test Strip, moisture indicator, humidity test strip, humidity, humidity test strips
BD155; HUM; HUM-1V-50

Additional Information

Vial Dimensions:

1.125″ (D) x 3.375″ (H) [29mm (D) x 86mm (H)]

Strip Dimensions:

2.5" (L) x .1875" (W) [64mm (L) x 5mm (W)]


2 Years

Item #:

HUM-1V-50 (1 vial, 50 strips/vial)

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