Microbiology Kit: Microbe Wizard

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Microbiology Kit: Microbe Wizard

  • 3 Microslides® paddles with Tryptic Soy Agar & Rose Bengal Agar
  • 10 pH -14 test strips
  • CD-ROM with illustrated Teacher Guide
  • CD-ROM with illustrated Student Guide and Micro-Community Identification Guide
  • Bread, Cheese, Fruit Kit
  • Milk, Soil, Vegetables Kit
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Product Description

Microbe Wizard: Bread, Cheese, Fruit OR Milk, Soil, Vegetables

These microbiology kits are great for demonstrations, science fair projects, or in-home schooling so students can become microbe wizards! The materials include:

  • Helpful background information on each microbe source
  • Various activities to sample and identify microbes
  • Student-designed independent investigations
  • Teacher Guide with additional open inquiry ideas & expected outcomes

Each section of the microbiology kits comes with its own Micro-Community Guide. The Micro-Community Guide contains microorganism descriptions and images to help students identify their microbial finds! The curriculum is in PDF format with interactive links to YouTube videos and related websites for further investigation into the world of little! Additional Microslides® are available.

BioPaddlesLite iTunes App

The BioPaddlesLite App is a free app that helps you presumptively identify bacteria and mold colonies growing on your dipslide. By selecting the agar you used and the microhabitat you tested, the app will narrow down results from over 80 standard images. Compare your dipslide growth to the images for a presumptive identification, or use the grid for counting colonies. A more robust version is available for $5.99. The full BioPaddles app includes a library of over 250 standard images, as well as a camera function and reporting feature.

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Additional Information

Paddle Dimensions:

1.167” (W) x 3.25” (H) [30mm (W) x 83mm (H)]


6-9 Months

Item # (1):

MK-W1001 (Bread, Cheese, Fruit)

Item # (2):

MK-W1002 (Milk, Soil, Vegetables)