Phenolphthalein Test Paper

Phenolphthalein Test Paper

  • Pocket-sized, lightweight vial
  • No color chart necessary
  • Customizable label
  • Also available in sheets
  • Bulk quantities available
  • 100 test strips

Product Description

Phenolphthalein Test Paper

The Phenolphthalein test paper is sensitive to Ammonia Vapors, and thus is used to detect Ammonia leaks, for example, in refrigerators or air conditioners. Phenolphthalein detects Ammonia in solution from 3 – 5ppm. The test strip will turn a pinkish color if Ammonia is detected.


  1. Remove a Phenolphthalein test paper from the vial, being careful not to touch the strip anywhere other than where you grasp it with your fingertips.
  2. Hold the paper strip near the potential leak.
  3. The test strip will turn a pinkish color if Ammonia is detected.

NOTE: The solution must be water-based.

WARNING: This product can expose you to Phenolphthalein, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, visit

BD235; BG235; 135; 135-12V-100; 135-144V-100; 135-500V-100; 235; 235-24-810; 235-500-810

Additional Information

Vial Dimensions:

.75″ (D) x 2.75″ (H) [19mm (D) x 70mm (H)]

Strip Dimensions:

1.875" (L) x .25" (W) [48mm (L) x 6mm (W)]


2 Years

Item # (1):

135-12V-100 (12 vials, 100 strips/vial)

Item # (2):

135-25V-100 (25 vials, 100 strips/vial)

Item # (3):

135-144V-100 (144 vials, 100 strips/vial)

Item # (4):

135-500V-100 (500 vials, 100 strips/vial)

Item # (5):

235-24-8X10 (24 sheets, 8" x 10"[200x250mm])


Additional sheet sizes available upon request

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