Potato Test Paper

  • Resealable ziplock bag
  • Water-resistant color chart
  • Customizable label
  • 50 test strips

Product Description

Potato Test Paper

The Potato test paper is designed to detect sugar levels in potatoes. The amount of free glucose is proportional to the darkness of the potato, thus the strip can be used to determine color prior to deep frying. Potato test paper can also be used to demonstrate osmosis across a membrane, similar to the way the small intestine works, by showing that glucose, but not starch, crosses the barrier. The color chart indicates concentration levels in mg/dL but this can be converted to mmol/L by multiplying by 0.055. eg. 100mg/dL is equal to 5.5mmol/L.

Potato test paper is not intended for medical diagnosis. Should you decide to test your urine and you get any positive result you should report it to your physician and test your blood sugar levels.


  1. Select 5 or more potatoes from the lot of potatoes of which you want to determine the sugar content.
  2. Cut one potato in half lengthwise.
  3. Take one potato test paper from the bag. Do not handle the test strip with your hands except where you grasp it to remove it from the bag.
  4. Apply the strip flat to the length of the potato and press the two halves of the cut potato back together so that all parts of the strip are moistened with potato juice.
  5. Immediately remove the strip from the potato.
  6. Wait 1 minute. If the strip remains yellow, it indicates that no glucose sugar is present and potato chips will fry a light color.
  7. If the strip turns green, compare it with the color chart. Any strip darker than the 1/10% color will likely fry to dark.
  8. Wipe knife blade before cutting the next potato.

CAUTION: Discard all potatoes which come into contact with the test strips. Do not process a potato to which the test strip has been applied.

potato test paper, potato test strips
GLU300; 172; 172-1B-50

Additional Information

Bag Dimensions:

3" (W) x 5"(H) [76mm (W) x 127mm (H)] (Amber)

Strip Dimensions:

4" (L) x .25" (W) [102mm (L) x 6mm W)]


1 Year

Item #:

172-1B-50 (1 bag, 50 strips/bag)

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